myGymPoint in BodyLife-Magazin

We are proud to announce that we have just made it into the leading fitness magazin BodyLife. The January magazin posts myGymPoint as a new service that enables fitness clubs to effectively use Mobile Apps or Mobile Solutions to organise their courses and communication with customers. But stay tuned and check out the March Magazin which will cover a little more around mobile solutions and how they should be used. 

The timing is just fine as our product has proven to be stabel and scaleable. Increasing number of users and customers is proofing acceptace and value add for our customers. Furthermore, the great feedback from both, makes us happy and proud. At this point, we also would like to thank our partners that have been with us for quite a while and supported us. Continuous feedback, idea creating, testing! All this helps us to build a sustainable business model and a product which really helps our customers on a daily basis. Our promise: We keep going!

Screenshot der Bodylifeausgabe vom Januar 2015
myGymPoint is a great possibility for fitness organizations to reach out to their customers.Simple registration and login and the intuitive use of the tool make it easy for everyone to use; ourselfes and our customers. Most important to us, the organization of our course schedule, its communication and booking are of great value. Our customers can always access the latest information with a minimum of effort on our side. Just perfect. Last but not least, with the latest push notification feature, we can perfectly integrate myGymPoint into our promotion activities.Good job MGP team!
David Schubert-Medinger, VfL Center Herrenberg

myGymPoint enables fitness organizations to easily communicate with their customers. Formated short text messages allow the integration into campaigns and promotional activities. For fitness customers, this means also no more calling for course reservation and booking, no waiting line as everything is fully automated; including waiting list handling. Simplify processes and improve your service with the mobile solution for fitness organizations. Want to learn more on how to use technology for the good? Get in touch with us!