myGymPoint Becomes a Communication Hub

With our latest release of the mobile App version 1.0.4,  we officially release our new feature PUSH Notification. Thus, fitness organizations can now benefit from our easy to use communication system to reach their customers. A Milestone for myGymPoint. 

With this new functionality, our customers can now use our short text messages to not only communicate on fitness schedule topics but also keep their customers up to date with the latest news. The messages can be formated and links can be built in to integrate myGymPoint into your marketing campain or promotion. How does it work?

  1. You send out a short text message via myGymPoint
  2. myGymPoint forwards the message to your customers
  3. Your customers receive a Push Notification into their smarphone messageing center. Thus, they´ll actively be notified on news
  4. Your customers click on that message and are forwarded to the myGymPoint App where they can read the news

With formated message, you can send out a teaser with links to your website, facebook page or even shopsystem. With this feature, you address all of your customers and not only your group fitness customers. See below picture to see how the workflow looks like:

myGymPoint Push Workflow for fitness organizations